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Ornamental Goldfish scientific name - Taxonomic Hierarchy

Ornamental Goldfish: Taxonomic hierarchy and scientific name

The goldfish scientific name is Carassius auratus. Carassius means in the carp family or to be carp like. Auratus means covered or overlaid in gold.
The scientific name of the wild ancestor of these ornamental fish is Carassius gibelio (Prussian carp).
Scientific studies have proved that some of these grey or silver species must have mutated to produce red, orange or yellow color specimens.

Alternative names of the ornamental fancy goldfish fish are Fantail, Veiltail, Telescope, Moor, Dragon-Eye, Pom pom, Chocolate, Celestial, Lionhead, Bubble-eye, Oranda and Hamanishiki.
Alternatively these ornamental fish species are called Common fish, Comet fish and Shubunkin.
Carassius auratus auratus

----- Animals
----- chordates
----- vertebrates
----- bony fishes
----- ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes
----- neopterygians
----- cyprins, minnows, suckers
----- carps and minnows
----- Crucian carps
SpeciesCarassius auratus
----- carassin, goldfish


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